Adult education is important in curbing illiteracy levels in a country. Most nations have come up with programs about how to help older people acquire knowledge and skills that may be of help to them. In this article, our main focus is on adult education in New Zealand. New Zealand has several programs to educate adults in the country.

Free Adult Literacy in New Zealand

Some of the programs are free and, in others, you have to pay some tuition fees. The New Zealand government offers fees-free studies in some adult literacy programs. The government provides fees-free studies for adults in level three and above though in some it is an exemption, and it gives up to $12,000 study fees. To be eligible for these free programs, you have to be a New Zealand citizen. Some of the free adult literacy programs you can join in New Zealand include the following.

New Zealand Certificate in Business Administration and Technology

This program is a literacy program for adults, and it is offered for free to New Zealand citizens in level three. Those in levels one and two cannot access the fee-free study from the government. It is a business program, and once you study up to the third level, you will able to learn for free. This program helps adults to gain skills and technical knowledge to perform administrative office tasks. With this course, you will be able to produce a variety of business documents. In this program, you are not eligible for a student loan.

New Zealand Certificate in Health and Wellbeing Level 3

In level three, this program deals with support work. It is provided for free in level three and adults at this level get to benefit from free education. The program is delivered online and hence, an advantage to adults with other things to attend to. It gives learners knowledge of health assistance and support work. You cannot be given a student loan while undertaking this free program. Once you are done with the package, you can work as an aged care worker, healthcare assistant or even a housing coordinator.

New Zealand Certificate in Health and Wellbeing Level 4

This free program deals with social and community services. Learners in level four can get the program for free as long as they are New Zealand citizens. This course is also provided online. The level four free program equips you with the knowledge and skills to work in roles that need you to work among people. You do not get a student loan while doing this course, and you also pay the exam fees for external exams. You also provide yourself with course materials. The course helps increase adult literacy in the country.

Certificate of Achievement in Statistical Investigation Level 3

This is a level-three free program under the foundation and bridging category. This is a free program provided by the New Zealand government to its citizens. The course will introduce you to the process of statistical investigation. The program is entirely free, and you are not eligible for a student loan when undertaking the course.

New Zealand Certificate in Study and Career preparation Level 4

The free adult literacy program is offered to New Zealand citizens without paying any fee. The program is aimed at promoting adult literacy and giving people skills that will enable them to earn a living after they are done with the program and attained the required grades. Adults taking the free program cannot access a student loan.

New Zealand Certificate in Adult and Tertiary Teaching Level 5

This free program deals with education. A person trained in this course can help in educating adults and improve their literacy. The program is entirely free to citizens of New Zealand. A student loan is not given to people undertaking this course.

The Open Polytechnic in New Zealand offers all of these programs that have been made free by the government. The programs have proved to be quite popular among adults, something that has been attributed to their practical nature that equips learners with actual skills.