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An Adult Literacy Survey conducted 10 years ago showed almost half of the New Zealand workforce lacked the necessary literacy, numeracy and language skills to live and work effectively in our society.

In Auckland alone COMET determined that in a more recent survey over 400,000 people had literacy levels below the standard required. The impact of poor literacy levels in your business has a significant impact on many things including:staffpic

  • High absenteeism, low staff retention

  • Poor communication skills between employees

  • Higher number of errors on job orders and stock control sheets

  • Poor understanding of workplace documents

  • An unacceptable number of near misses and accidents

  • Poor staff engagement and staff motivation

The benefits of improved literacy skills for employers are tenfold.

  • Effective written and oral communication at all levels

  • Improved ability to read labels, instructions and directions

  • Improved use of technology

  • Improved staff participation, engagement and motivation

  • Improved efficiency and productivity

  • Improved health and safety compliance

  • Improved customer service

Adult Literacy Tamaki Auckland can tailor a Workforce Employee package specifically to address the gaps in your workforce. We have already done this for many companies in Auckland over the last 40 years. Much of the training we can provide to you and your workforce is free.

Please contact us to discuss the needs of your company, today.