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For the week ending 11 Paenga whāwhā (April) 2014


  1. Te Tumuaki Update:

Activities over the past week have included:

  • attending the first day of Te Hui Heke Tuatahi (Region One) hosted by Literacy Taupo;
  • being invited to attend the Tertiary Education Summit, hosted by Chen Palmer.  Keynote speakers addressed developments in the tertiary sector including the Government’s priorities for funding, the implementation of the new Tertiary Education Strategy, investment planning and rule changes;
  • meetings with the Policy Review Committee of Te Kōruru and the Poupou Governance Manual Working Group.
  1. ACE Aotearoa Conference 2014 – Learning to Learn – Ako Ki Te Ako:

This year’s conference will be held in Wellington 17-19 Pipiri (June). Register online.

Programme details are available at

The line up of workshops includes The Impact of Mindfulness on Learning, Teaching and Wellbeing, Learning in the Dark, Using Team Based Learning as

a Teaching Strategy, Flipped Classrooms, and Unleashing Brilliance-Knowing that You Know.

Travel subsidies are available to cover transport to the conference.

Application forms are also available on the website Subsidy

  1. Adult Learners Week/He Tangata Matauranga 2014 – Mahuru (September) 8-14:

Event funding application forms are available on the ACE Aotearoa website. If you have an event or series of events in mind and need funding, see the webpage at


  1. Microsoft Office Secret for Office 2010 – How to use the Speak feature to pick up on typos you missed:

The Speak feature in Office 2010 is a text-to-speech tool which allows you to hear the words you have written spoken out loud. If you need to check your work for typos, this tool can be used to help you pick up on typos you have missed, as sometimes it’s easier to hear a mistake than it is to see it.
Here’s how you can use this feature.

  1. Go to the File tab and click on Options.
  2. Now from the menu on the left select Quick Access Toolbar.
  3. In the Choose commands from box select All Commands.
  4. Now scroll through the list of commands until you find the Speak feature. Select it and then click the Add button.
  5. Click OK.

The speak feature will now appear in you Quick Access Toolbar at the top of your screen. When you want to use this feature simply highlight the text you would like to hear and click the button. To see a video of this tip in actionclick here.